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Good Shepherd Medical Adult Day Care

Good Shepherd Medical Adult Day Care offers quality adult day care services specially designed to assist you or your loved one in maintaining their health and enhancing their quality of life.   Our center offers opportunities for seniors to interact with other individuals while also receiving health care services from the staff.

We cater to a wide range of clients.   Our services and programs are flexible and can be personalized to accommodate the needs of seniors who are frail and generally dependent on their family members for daily living activities.  Many of our clients are in their winter years but they avoid long-term care or admission into a nursing home.  As an alternative, our Adult Day Care at Good Shepherd gives them the most suitable setting where they can get companionship, health services and supportive care all in one setting.

Good Shepherd Medical Adult Day Care staff are trained and skilled in the administration of individualized services. Good Shepherd Medical Adult Day Care In many ways, we teach our clients to cope with their health or elderly situation.  We help them in achieving ways to be more independent.